The barcode turns 50 and is about to change our lives again, says GS1

The next generation of barcodes can offer new levels of reliable information, for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and the planet, according to GS1, the neutral, non-profit organisation that provides global standards for efficient business communication around the world. It is best known for the barcode, one of “the 50 things that made the world economy” according to one broadcaster.

To usher in this new era, GS1 is building a coalition of industry leaders to deploy next-generation barcodes globally. Of course GS1 is a long-time active and collaborative member of AIPIA.

As the barcode – and GS1 - turns 50, next-generation barcodes, such as two-dimensional QR codes powered by GS1 or GS1 DataMatrix, promise to, again, change peoples’ lives in new ways, says the organisation. These new codes capture unprecedented amounts of trusted data for businesses, regulators, consumers and patients alike, offering much more than just links to webpages...


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