UpCode is part of UPC Center and Wasa Innovation Center in Finland. We deliver and integrate trace&track solutions based on item level ID concepts. Our installations cover massmarket products as well as unique spareparts and eg container control.  Our information system integrates all three basic needs : marking on items – packaging – documents for logistics and services.


We have developed new types of optical sensors which can be printed directly in packaging manufacturing. With standard mobiles you are able to detect single item information, location data, sensor data, person data, picture data and AI logics. Typical advantage: trace& track, anti-counterfeit, control of temperatures, humidity etc and follow up on recycling , use of rawmaterials, logistic control / notification of deliveries and timetables.


To collect data we took a step further to add  active functionality. Our Engagement Platform activate/promotes/ rewards active data deliveries and is used both as brand creation as AI based analytics and feed-backs . Engagement is installed to give individually consumer engagement as well as group / area based engagement . Same platform can perform company internal functions in  Workforce Engagement or Sales Enforcement or integrate to other platforms. One unique speciality is that Platform automatically creates different mobileapps to different groups – no need for new apps everytime you develop the engagement.

AI Integration

We are able to include and create AI based interactions in our own platform or integrate in other platforms. The speciality is a smooth path of development for any functions for different groups or indiviuals.

Wasa Innovation Center

We co-create and co-innovate solutions and new technologies together with 300 other specialists. Feel free to be part of this new community worldwide.

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