MDT Innovations (MDTi) is a majority owned subsidiary of Multimedia Display Technologies (MDT). MDTi obtained the prestigeous MSC Status in March, 2005. The company’s main business activities include component engineering, systems design, software development, and application solutions in: RFID; advanced display devices; and mobile information technologies.

MDTi’s core RFID activities are in research, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of RFID key components and systems integration. The engineering team at MDTi focuses on developing full fledged RFID key components, comprising of RFID inlays, tags, readers/scanners, antennae, and software tools. Being one of the pioneers in passive 2.45GHz RFID systems, the company has since expanded its line of RFID products to all passive and active RFID solutions since 2003, MDTi is now the leading provider in 13.56MHz High Frequency (HF) and 860MHz-960MHz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID solutions with satisfied customers in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

MDTi’s engineering competencies in RFID are attributed to its earlier involvement in design and development of advanced display products and RF components. Emphasizing on LCD-, PDP- (plasma), and OLED-based displays, the development of analog-digital boards, OSD (on-screen display) firmware, display drivers, video scalers, RF circuit design and HDMI modules had brought technology advancements to the company knowledge base not only in RFID products, but also in display products such as LCD & PDP televisions, LCD and CRT display monitors, DVB (-S,-T,-C) set top boxes, HDMI modules, mobile computing based displays and wireless AV (audio-video) transmissions.

MDTi invites potential customers to utilize its services in deployment of RFID systems, to help achieve objectives in tracking, identification and authentication of documents, valueable items, people and goods in a cost saving, effective way.

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