Huidige afbeelding

Active & Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) is set to be the most Disruptive development to how both suppliers and consumers view and use packaging in decades. The old ‘3Ps’of Protect, Preserve and Promote the product will be supplemented by such things as Trace, Authenticate, Inform, Add Value, Secure and Reduce Waste.

These are shorthand for a remarkable set of technologies which can and will bring Packaging to a whole new level across the entire Value Chain and change the perception that the pack is just a wrapper or container and turn it into a security feature and powerful marketing tool.

AIPIA's Active & Intelligent Packaging Meetings will bring together all the elements of this diverse sector – so RFID/NFC, Printed Electronics, Anti-Microbial, Nanotechnologies, Additives, Virtual & Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things (IoT). MOST IMPORTANTLY it, show how these technologies can fit together as solutions to many of the major issues for Brand Owners and Retailers, such as Counterfeiting, Traceability, Supply Chain Monitoring, Food Security & Waste and Consumer Engagement.

Active & Intelligent Packaging is leading to a Consumer led revolution in the way people sell (bricks & mortar v e-commerce for example) and the way people buy. Most Millenials use their Smartphones to access information and the packaged goods sector is not immune from this trend. Packaging can offer routes to consumer engagement which could help Brand Owners and Retailers to actually REDUCE their marketing spend.