Saralon GmbH

Saralon GmbH

Saralon provides different kinds of fully printed cost-effective printed electronic applications for packaging industry. Using fully integrated printing allows us to manufacture in large scale. We provide functional inks as well as finalized printed electronic applications for Brand Protection and Brand Awareness (enhancing attractiveness and customer interaction). 


For a long time packaging industry has not seen any breakthrough innovation. It has always been speculated that attaching electronics on packages can revolutionize the industry. This combination - electronics on a package - makes the package more attractive, highly secure and customer interactive. But the high cost of electronics is hindering its wide spread application. This barrier can be eliminated only when the electronics are produced in ambient conditions by using high-speed printing machines.

We at SARALON have developed various innovative inks to produce different electronic devices by using conventional printing machines. Any printer, with an existing printing machine and by using our innovative inks, can also print various electronic devices. We have also developed a set of technologies to easily integrate these electronic devices into various packages. Therefore, a package manufacturer can easily integrate our electronics into different packages by using its existing production-line.

SARALON is committed to produce electronics in a simple and cost-effective way. It is very easy to make things expensive and complicated but we at SARALON make things simple and cost-effective. Our technologies are developed to fulfill the requirements of the cost-sensitive packaging industry.

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