Floriano Botta is an entrepreneur and industrialist working in the paper industry since the early ’60s, succeeding his mother Alfonsina, at the helm of the family business.

Under his leadership, the company has achieved important results and awards. His forward-looking vision of enterprise has led the company to consolidate and thus reach the third generation.

Entrepreneurial attitude and ability to keep up with the times have led him to follow his natural propensity for innovation.
In fact, he was one of the first to adopt a computerized calculation and management system for industrial accounting.

Mr Floriano is currently President of Botta Packaging and combines his commitment to the company with his role in the entrepreneurial association system.

Mr. Botta currently holds a number of positions such as:
• Advisor CNEL (National Council Labour Economics)
• National Arbitrator of Confindustria, Rome
• President Assocaaf, Assolombarda Milan
• Advisor Small Sized Industries, Assolombarda
• Member of Confindustria Executive Council
• Member of Paper Assolombarda Executive Council
• Member of Paper Prices Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan
• Past President of Graphic, Cardboard an Paper Entrepreneurs’ Union, Milan.
• Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Council at Assografici

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