Albis Plastic GmbH

Albis Plastic GmbH

ALBIS PLASTIC provides an oxygen scavenger - SHELFPLUS® O2. This additive batch is used as an oxygen absorber in multi-layer packaging and meets the necessary approvals in Europe and the USA. The use of SHELFPLUS® O2 can, for example, considerably extend the shelf life of both fresh and cooked foods as the destructive oxygen can be absorbed. SHELFPLUS® O2 enables active packaging solutions for different packaging applications. Products in transparent packaging, for example meat and sausages, react with oxygen. SHELFPLUS® O2 absorbs up to 100% of the oxygen in the head space enabling the ideal presentation of goods – also in illuminated displays. As masterbatch, SHELFPLUS® O2 offers packaging manufacturers a high degree of flexibility for use with a wide range of foods and packaging types.

The SHELFPLUS® O2 portfolio provides different grades for customer needs. Standard PE, PP, EVA based grades and the new SHELFPLUS® O2 PA grade which combines a passive barrier and active oxygen scavenger in one material. It is especially the resulting advantage in material weight – as the product then weighs less – and the lower energy requirements needed to transport this compared to other packaging forms, which makes it very interesting for this area of use. The actual increasing requests for substitution of packages out of glass or metal by smart plastic packaging solutions generates a high potential and demand for oxygen scavengers. 

ALBIS PLASTIC profile in brief

ALBIS PLASTIC is one of Europe’s leading companies in the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics. In addition to the product portfolio of well-known plastic manufacturers, ALBIS offers the plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatch. During the last business year the ALBIS Group, which has ca. 920 employees, achieved a turnover of 733 million euros.

The Hamburg-based company has 16 subsidiaries and is represented in many European countries as well as the Far East and North America. ALBIS manufactures plastic compounds and masterbatch at three sites in Europe – Hamburg (D), Zülpich (D) and Manchester (UK).

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