VR intelligence S.A

VR intelligence S.A

Since 2006, VRintelligence (VRi) has been editing decision-making software for the global CPG sector. VRi has capitalised on its experience in many industrial sectors by developing creative and marketing competences enabling it to propose a revolutionary concept to benefit the entire CPG sector.

Our project is called VRiDigital®. Our main aim is to sell the VRiDigital® solution worldwide to big data users, the interest to these users being an opportunity to visualise all data in 3D real-time worldwide.

The financial aim of our project is to:
1) Save 70% of the time-to-market;
2) Reduce the marketing costs by 50%;
3) Deliver accurate data to the value chain of packaging, merchandising and marketing worldwide.

• Nestlé Int'l: Hot Beverage global with creation of ShopperLab at Noisiel
• DANONE FR UF packaging, merchandising, trade marketing, training simulations
• L'Oréal Int'l DPGP: CatMan applications with integration of 3D-real-time in the Beauty Lab. Marketing applications: e-commerce real-time 3D data base.
• Deliver custom services adapted to industry needs (marketing, category management, shopper research), based on VR technology to support the customer decision-making process.
• Support our clients internally with developing the VR strategy, with software solutions leading to a standardisation of their processes and the centralisation of information (DB) for fast access.
• Software deployment to make and keep our clients autonomous
o Yearly licences – SaaS model (web-based)

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