TIAMA is one of the world leaders in providing inspection and quality control solutions for the glass packaging industry. Our customers are manufacturers of bottles, jars or vials located on the 5 continents.
TIAMA offers tools for glassplants to:
*enhance glass production process efficiency
*control the glass container’s integrity by detecting defects (visual, non-visible, dimensional… )

TIAMA is a global provider of real-time Data & Quality Controls
The combination of our expertise, innovative approach and reliability, allows Tiama to offer solutions that go way beyond the normal scope of inspection.

Tiama provides real-time data and recommendations in order to help glassmakers: deliver articles with the highest quality and improve their productivity (“pack-to-melt ratio”).

Smart Factory & Manufacturing Intelligence are central concepts for the company:
the glass production process allows gathering a great amount of data, which, well collated and analyzed constitute a powerful source of knowledge. Tiama helps to value this data.

All our expertise combined (Intelligence, Hot-End Monitoring, Traceability, Cold-End Inspection, Service and Sampling) help preparing the arrival of Business Intelligence also called “Industry 4.0”. We are developing Big Data capabilities.

Customers remain at the heart of our company’s interest: in addition to bringing solutions, we assist each investment and wish to build long-term partnership. Tiama supports glass packaging industry with:

strategic productivity data,
inspection equipment,
and Customer Service.

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