Digital Assest Management, Prepress, Artwork management, Flexo plate making, Print Quality Management.

Phototype...where art and science meet

All your hard work has led to this. It’s the final “moment of truth” – your target consumer is staring at the retail shelf, deciding whether or not to purchase your brand…will you be successful? We’re here to make sure you are.

We believe...

Your brand’s appearance at shelf should always match the vision you championed, the equities you created and the design you approved.
Your brand’s colors should always be consistent, vibrant, crisp and clean regardless of the printing process, the substrate or the printer…so your brand looks exactly the same, everywhere it’s sold.
Your experience designing and executing brand graphics should always be efficient, turnkey, and hassle-free, giving you more time to work on your next strategic initiative.
... and we make it happen.
At Phototype, we treat your brands as if they were our own. We ensure brand integrity, intent and impact are optimized across your entire graphic supply chain, up to the final “moment of truth” – the retail shelf. And we do it like no one else.

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