Palsgaard – functional ingredients

Vegetable based ingredients for polymer packaging
Palsgaard has been offering ingredients to the polymer industry for more than a decade. As consumer requests for safe and sustainable food packaging have increased, so has the need for vegetable-based ingredients such as Palsgaard’s for food packaging. Palsgaard’s products are used as anti-static and anti-fogging agents in polypropylene and polyethylene-based packaging and offer better results than conventional products.

Customer needs at the core
Palsgaard’s solutions start with customer needs. The range of functional agents help producers obtain the right anti-fogging or anti-static properties, more stable production, better mold release as well as a very high batch-to-batch stability.

Strength through independent research
A continual focus on research and product development is an integral part of Palsgaard’s mission. Its independent research centre, Nexus, optimizes the company’s product portfolio and develops new products. R&D projects often involve both Nexus and Palsgaard staff, with dedicated groups formed to match the exact needs of each specific assignment, from the customer's requirements and demands to how processing resources are best utilized.

Knowledge and commitment benefit customer results
Palsgaard services its customers beyond the point of providing the actual products. Many successes and innovative solutions are created in a close cooperation with customers in the application laboratories. This decreases the total time of development, which in the end means cost-savings for the customer.

The food and plastic/polymer industries can all benefit from Palsgaard’s knowledge of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialized ingredients as well as its values of loyalty, responsibility and commitment.

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