ThermoFisher (PANTHEON)

ThermoFisher (PANTHEON)

Patheon – end-to-end pharma services solutions for every drug development journey
Thermo Fisher Scientific provides industry leading CDMO services as well as clinical trial solutions. With more than 65 locations around the world, we provide an end-to-end drug development offering to companies of all sizes that includes API, biologics, viral vector services, cGMP plasmids, early and late phase development, clinical trial solutions, logistics services and commercial manufacturing. Thermo Fisher is a trusted partner for every step in the drug development journey with unrivaled quality, reliability, and expertise.

Development services
Small Molecule API Development
Large Molecule Biologics Development

Commercial services
Small Molecule API Commercialization
Large Molecule Biologics Commercialization

Viral vector services
Development and Clinical Services
Late Phase and Commercial Services

Logistics services
Warehousing and Distribution
Global Transportation Services
Cold Chain Logistics

Clinical trial services
Distribution and Logistics
Clinical Supply and Packaging
Clinical Ancillary Management

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