XRCC was established in 1974 as an exploratory materials research centre for Xerox Corporation. The laboratory soon became an integral part of Xerox’s research operations. In the early 1980’s the Centre moved to its current site in the Sheridan Science and Technology Park (Mississauga, Ontario) with a renewed mission to develop novel imaging and marking materials for Xerox products.

Today, our 120,000-square-foot complex includes state-of-the art chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics laboratories and a 27,000-square-foot pilot plant. A more recent addition is the 50,000-square-foot Supplies Development Centre, one of three manufacturing sites for Xerox EA Toner.

Since 1979, XRCC researchers have received more than 1,500 U.S. Patents, an impressive milestone that has attracted the interest of both government and the global research community. With over 100 researchers, we generate more than 170 patentable ideas every year and have contributed to more than 1,100 technical articles. All Xerox printers on the market today contain at least one technology developed at XRCC.

XRCC has received many awards for its technical achievements and workplace environment. As an example, PrintAction magazine has on many occasions recognized XRCC and its researchers for contributions to the graphics communication and printing industries.

XRCC researchers work closely with colleagues at other Xerox research centres, business divisions and Fuji Xerox, and collaborate with researchers at universities worldwide.

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