We produce and sell special papers for packaging and graphics, and premium solutionsfor the world of self-adhesives, so we can support and strengthen brands and our clients’ creativity. Our story of hard work and a passion for paper is a story we share with Fabriano. It has taught us to focus on quality and innovation to be able to serve all our clients, starting with extraordinary artists such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Beethoven and Francis Bacon.

Integration is our strength
The integration between paper and self-adhesive materials, between innovation and sustainability, between different industries and different materials that work together to provide perfect solutions for your products. From packaging and luxury labels, to brand identity materials and ad hoc proposals for your sector. We can fulfil the most common requests, as well as help you plan something that has never been seen before, following one consistent rule: we only make beautiful things.

What we do:

Specialty Paper, Packaging Paper, Printing & Publishing Paper, Technical Paper, Tailor Made Paper

Fabriano World

Security, Self-Adhesives, Self-Adhesive Labels, Visual Communication, Tailor Made

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