Smart medication packages for therapy compliance measurements.

Confrérie Clinique is active in the field of smart solutions for therapy compliance issues and (medical) supply chain monitoring.

Confrérie Clinique has developed and patented the Mediccine™ system which can be used for serialisation and authentication, to track and trace medication, to monitor the temperature under which the medication is stored and to monitor the therapy compliance of patients.

Confrérie Clinique’s Mediccine™ system includes electronically enhanced packaging for medication which can communicate via NFC (Near Field Communication) with smart phones and dedicated scanners and readers. The data gathered can then be uploaded via a secure internet connection to the Mediccinet™ database  for analysis by the physician or point-of-care.

Confrérie Clinique’s mission is to further develop and market e-communicative packaging solutions and to be the market leader in this field.

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