TruTag Technologies

TruTag Technologies

TruTag Technologies is the developer of a leading edible, covert, and intelligent security platform to address the trillion-dollar global illicit product challenge, as well as the $200 billion market for counterfeit drugs.

TruTags® microtags (“TruTags®”) are edible, dust-sized particles embedded with spectral data into the very fabric of a product, much like fingerprints on a person, without the need for labels.  TruTag’s covert, low–cost, heat–resistant, and edible silica microtags serve as bar codes and can be incorporated into solid, oral-dose medications as well as other intelligent materials and products. The unique physical properties of TruTags provide a vast library of available unique codes, which allow for tracking of high-volume, high-value items at product or even batch levels. 

The TruTag security platform provides superior brand protection, enhances the safety and traceability of food and medicine, improves tracking and logistics, assures product quality, optimizes efficiency in clinical trial administration, provides informatics for product and component tracking through the supply chain, and enables the Internet of Things. TruTag Technologies, Inc., is a Technology Pioneer as selected by the World Economic Forum, an honor awarded to the world’s most innovative and influential companies whose technology can significantly impact the way business and society operates. 

TRUTAG and TRUTAGS are registered trademarks of TruTag Technologies, Inc.

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