Moving with the market, WIMA MONACO has evolved in its concept. Still continuing to offer the best of NFC, but also bringing to the forefrontcomplementary proximity based (QR, Bluetooth…) and cloud solutions, which may be used in parallel or as stand-alone end-to-end solutions to leverage a seamless user experience. This enhanced and evolved new concept for WIMA, offers a wider variety of tools for marketers to consider, when implementing new innovative and engaging mobile customer services connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Keeping ahead of the game, WIMA continues to bring you unique insights of how the market is moving forward for different verticals thorough an informative conference agenda, innovative exhibits and various animations throughout the event.

Big Data analytics, is also a hot topic in relation to proximity solutions which bring a wealth of information about consumer buying habits, product consumption rate and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
For all payment innovators and investors don't miss our Bitcoin Masterclass, a comprehensive overview of all you need to know to get started in the Bitcoin industry from a technical perspective, then moving on to a business overview presenting applications and use cases. Exciting and disruptive!

If we could sum up in one word what WIMA is about this would be networking. Time and time again both industry leaders and start-ups appreciate the quality of our event and find it the optimal environment for networking with potential partners and customers and we make sure we put plenty of opportunities your way to make the most of networking during breaks, our online networking tool and our new “Speed Networking Session”!

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