Cellr Pty Ltd

Cellr Pty Ltd

Cellr connects your physical and digital worlds at scale by pairing innovative software with connected technologies, giving brands the power to connect, engage and predict. Cellr unlocks endless opportunities for your brand to communicate with your consumer, building trust, loyalty and ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

Cellr revolutionises the connection between the physical world and digital experiences. Integrate smart packaging technologies with the Cellr SaaS platform to unlock global customer engagement at scale.

Software: Cellr’s centralised cloud based platform is fundamental to a successful connected packaging strategy. The Cellr platform makes it easy to create and manage unlimited physical objects so you can connect them to the digital world to create seamless consumer experiences.

QR Codes: By using Cellr's platform to connect and manage QR codes, brands can ensure content is always relevant, dynamic, and even personalised.

NFC: Cellr's platform connects and manages with NFC/RFID technologies, delivering the ultimate anti-counterfeit and brand authentication solutions, while also enhancing consumer engagement.

Bespoke Solutions: Cellr delivers layered, bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly into manufacturing and packaging processes, ensuring alignment and success for both marketing and packaging strategies

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