ProjetoPack & Associates

ProjetoPack & Associates

Leader in consultancy and training for the printing industries

ProjetoPack aims to be an active agent in the transformation of the print communication market, raising the awareness that trained people add more value than the best of the machines.

We believe that human capital is the largest asset of the companies.
Whereas machines, facilities and systems lose their value with time and depreciate, people improve, learn, interact among themselves, acquire experience and transform all this in growing profits to the companies.

Conversely, it is essential that companies that hire them encourage creativity, promote continuous investments in technical qualification, develop soft skills, create a healthy and prolific work environment and offer a fair remuneration and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Through training, consultancy and specialized technical services, we believe in contributing to the qualification of professionals and the enhancement of the technical level of the workforce in the printing and converter industries.

We believe that, by elevating the quality of the print products and packaging to the international standards, we will make Brazil more competitive in the increasingly globalized reality of the market.
Our services adopt the ethic principles and operate with sensitivity and impartiality.

We aim to meet the expectations of owners and shareholders of the companies who are concerned about the improvement of the operational results without, however, hurting the labor, human and moral rights of their employees, of the environment and the society.

Among our national partnerships, we emphasize the importance of the traditional synergy with ABIEF – Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Embalagens Flexíveis [Brazilian Association of Flexible Packaging Industry], ABIEA – Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Etiquetas Autoadesivas [Brazilian Association of Sticker Label Industry], ABTG – Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia Gráfica [Brazilian Association of Printing Technology], Escolas SENAI Theobaldo de Nigris [SENAI Theobaldo de Nigris school] and Centro Universitário SENAC Santo Amaro [SENAC Santo Amaro University Center].

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