At Pactiv, doing things the right way is a core focus, an embedded corporate value that touches every phase of our operations.

From the purchasing of raw materials through the delivery of our finished products, we continually assess the environmental impact of our actions, providing information through comprehensive Life Cycle Inventory Studies, adopting processes that minimize energy consumption, emissions and waste.

As a result of our efforts, we have made significant strides in our recycling program while sharply reducing the amount of solid waste that we send to landfills. At the same time, we understand that protecting the environment requires an ongoing, enterprise-wide commitment, and we share that responsibility across all of our facilities.

Sustainable Business Practices

Our sustainability efforts are focused on three key areas: Energy, Source materials, and Waste.

Energy Reduction and Management
We continually strive to reduce our energy footprint, both internally and externally. At all of our facilities, we have deployed efficient lighting, heating conservation, and air conditioning and ventilation efficiencies. And throughout our production and transportation processes, we have adopted processes that minimize energy consumption.

Source Reduction and Management
We recognize the environmental benefit of minimizing the use of raw materials, a goal that we balance sensitively with the responsibility of delivering high quality products to our customers. To that end, we are committed to exploring the use of alternative resources and recycled materials, including post-consumer material, to product functional and useful products.

Waste Reduction and Management
Reducing the solid waste in our operations is an ongoing, company-wide pursuit, one that we accomplish with an industry-leading recycling program. Working closely with our suppliers and recycling services, we recycle over 90 percent of our plastic manufacturing scrap, as well as aluminum, corrugated boxes and corrugated, scrap metal, and other plastic scrap waste.

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