Footprint, LLC

Footprint, LLC

We make Sustainable, Sustainable

By definition, sustainable solutions need to do more than just be good for the environment.  They need to be good for the bottom line too. This is why our mission is to deliver sustainable solutions that are good for the planet and cost less by revolutionizing the fundamental materials, technologies and processes used to manufacture products and packaging.

Footprint is a sustainable technology firm that is focused on reducing or eliminating plastics through the development and manufacturing of revolutionary technologies in molded fiber.

The Footprint Advantage

Footprint has assembled a team of innovators that are revolutionizing molded fiber’s ability to replace plastics.  If you think that plastic is your only viable option, whether it is because of cost, performance, or critical dimensions, you need to contact Footprint today.  Our solutions are replacing plastic without increasing costs in some of the most demanding industry possible.

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