Cleantech & Beyond

Cleantech & Beyond

 Cleantech and Beyond is a deep-tech university spin-off located at the center of innovation district in Rayong, Thailand, that specializes in developing advanced materials for environmental sensing applications. Our team is dedicated to creating sustainable and innovative technologies that benefit both people and the planet.

​At Cleantech and Beyond, our passion for innovation and sustainability drives us to create cutting-edge solutions that make a positive impact on the world.

Digital Temperature Indicators (DTI) are smart label solution for tracking temperature-sensitive products at item-level. With battery-free operation, the DTI indicates a temperature excursion event both visually and electronically, allowing the status to be monitored manually as well as digitally and wirelessly via RFID/NFC. The a-Series (from 37°C to 110°C or higher) is now commercially available. The c-Series for cold-chain (4°C to 25°C) will come out H2 2024.

 Our DTI technology can improve your supply chain management in a sustainable and innovative way.

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