I.S.M Korea Co., Ltd

I.S.M Korea Co., Ltd

As a sales agent of 3M Technical Ceramics (former ESK Ceramics/3M), who has 90 years of long history, we are providing mostly non-oxide ceramic products and technical solution for Korean customers. We deal with BN,BN-composite, SiC, B4C, Si3N4, CaB6, TiB2, ZrB2, ALNand etc.

Astechnical innovation is occurred more and more in modern industry, ceramics material is getting very important.  By our experience and knowledge over the long period in the
industry, we will do our best to serve the needs and demand from the customers.

Furthermore, because we have productsportfolio such as Mircroporousinsulation and Vacuum suction Alumina board, they generates synergy effect to serve the customers effectively.

We hope to be real leader in ceramic material marketing and solution provider in Korea.

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