The usage of live bacteria for crops and food protection has been known for many years. Still, its application is limited due to high costs and strict handling procedures required to maintain their viability. Biotipac has found a way to overcome this challenge by naturally stimulating their growth instead of incorporating them as live cultures.
Several years ago, a bottle of a probiotic supplement had caught the eyes of our founder and innovator, Miss Ifat Hammer. 

She began to wonder - if probiotics can protect our gut from disease-causing bacteria, why can't they protect our foods as well?


Apparently, probiotics are well known for their preservation capabilities, but they are expensive and require strict handling procedures.

The idea behind Biotipac is that instead of adding the bacteria live, our technology stimulates their growth naturally, just like we do with pickles where lactic acid bacteria grow spontaneously under optimal conditions.


And this is the essence of Biotipac.

Simple but smart


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