Mercian Labels Group

Mercian Labels Group

Mercian Labels Group companies are market leaders in the manufacture of LabelLock®™ seals,Gammatex®™ radiation indicators, high volume variable data & barcode labels, bespoke high security label seals & short run custom printed labels.

Through our 4 business divisions we develop clever and innovative labelling solutions for our global client base particularly in the field of tamper evident labelling and so called “smart labelling” including our brand of Gammatex gamma radiation indicator labels.

Innovation is key to our success and we are always looking for new projects and partners to develop new products and solutions for and with.

We value our innovations and protect our intellectual property with patents, registered trademarks and design rights as appropriate.

Manufacturing from 2 factories in the UK and export to clients worldwide in over 20 countries across 6 continents.

We conduct significant innovative research to develop new products and technologies. Our employees including scientists, engineers, printers, coating specialists and software engineers combine into project specific teams to tackle labelling challenges. Our major suppliers are strategic partners which we combine with our our own resources and knowledge to develop innovative products that perform.

Responding to specific development requests from customers, the R&D team works closely with the end user throughout the product development process, ensuring that the end product conforms tightly to required specifications. Our flexible approach allows us to take on projects that often do not interest larger suppliers.

We operate in the UK and benefit from over 9,000 business customers.

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