NFC 360 provide the ONLY fully integrated NFC solution designed and developed to improve ticketing, e-access, e-payment, loyalty and many other services that are of immense benefit for any business or venue large or small that rely on ticketing.

The solution provides substantial improvements over present day paper ticket / card based solutions. With our technology we provide significant reductions in costs associated to ticketing, elimination of ticket fraud and touting and more importantly improvment of your revenue streams and customer services at all levels.

With the development of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, we can now change how you look at access from a cost, performance and security view point.

NFC technology allows us to use an NFC Tag or if the user has one, an NFC enabled phone as the device for access. The user Taps their phone on the reader and providing fees have been paid or an e-payment solution is integrated to allow instant electronic payment, they are shown a Green light and allowed to enter.

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