EPIC Semiconductors

EPIC Semiconductors

EPIC has developed a microscopic AI sensor chip (Smart Dust) featuring energy harvesting (this eliminates the use of toxic batteries) and bidirectional non-magnetic (RF-free) communication. Its small size allows it to be easily embedded into everyday objects, sensing “human actions, physical forces, chemical reactions and bio-effects”.

Why we do not like batteries?

Batteries contain chemicals and metals that are harmful for the environment. As they decompose in landfills they undergo a photochemical reaction which results in greenhouse gasses and global warming. The harmful chemicals in the batteries will end up in the water supply, damaging the health of people, micro organisms, animals and plants.

Why we are against RF-waves?

High frequency electromagnetic radio-waves are known to damage the DNA cells of living organisms (leading to mutations and the uncontrolled cell growth we know as cancer), todays and future wireless technologies also provide rising pollution of microwaves (electro smog).

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