Cellresin Technologies, LLC

Cellresin Technologies, LLC

Cellresin is a provider of novel barrier technologies to improve odor, freshness and contamination control in a wide-variety of materials derived from synthetic polymers and natural fibers. Our technologies are simple to apply and incorporate easily into existing materials and manufacturing processes.
Cellresin's business focus is the commercialization of patented cyclodextrin barrier compositions, processes, and uses in the global marketplace through third-party licensing arrangements and strategic partnerships.

Material manufacturers and converters who utilize its technology are able to significantly improve material and product performance, and differentiate their products in a highly competitive marketplace.

Cellresin's barrier technology grew out of experiences researchers learned from years of examining food-package related off-odor and taste incidents experienced by premier food companies and food packaging converters. A multidisciplinary staff of material engineers, analytical chemists, food scientists, sensory scientists and computational modelers participated in the developments.

Cellresin owns or controls technology, patents, and commercial information (both patented and unpatented) relating to compounds having utility in reducing polymer impurities from manufacturing and environmental factors and improving the barrier properties of plastic food packaging films, bottles, caps and closures, paperboard, and in nonwoven materials for reducing malodors. Cellresin pioneered complexing contaminants in a non-aqueous polymeric environment.

Our technology and value-added services help our customers bring performance products to the market successfully and more quickly. Cellresin's technical resources include twin screw compounding, reactive extrusion, blown film extrusion, analytical testing (i.e., GC, GCO, GC/MS), organic sorption and permeation testing of nonwovens, flexible, rigid and paperboard packaging, mass transfer modeling of volatile compounds in food packaging and extensive know-how in the use of natural cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin derivatives and polyolefin grafted cyclodextrins.

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