Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker.

We make beverage cans for many of the world’s favourite brands.

Our job is to make those cans as efficiently, profitably and sustainably as possible so that our customers can attract and retain the loyalty of the people who consume their products. This is why, wherever you go in Rexam, you will see a common focus on operational excellence, innovation and safety to meet our customers’ expectations.

We make cans…all sorts of cans, in different shapes and sizes with different finishes and decorations and different ends so that our customers can dazzle their end consumers.

We make cans…as efficiently and sustainably as possible so that we keep cost and impacts down.

We make cans…the most recycled beverage packaging in the world to reduce emissions, waste and the use of virgin material.

We innovate…because that’s what our customers need.

And if we provide them with what they want at the price they need, we can generate the returns that will enable us to invest and grow and to continue to pay dividends to our shareholders.

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