chanwanich security printing

chanwanich security printing

  Chan Wanich Security Printing Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of Security printed matters that has been established in Thailand since 1921 with its accomplishments from generation to generation. The Company has been well entrusted from both governmental and private sector as well as financial institutions and business organizations. Moreover, new products have been continuously invented and developed for launching into markets, always helping to reinforce customer strengths in the image of market leader.

With dedication on researches and development, the Company can develop anti-counterfeit printed matters to serve the customer needs in today’s severely competitive and rapidly changing business world.

Currently, our products and services have covered the integration of passport booklet production in accompany with passport issuance, visa sticker, examination paper, answer sheet, examination arrangement documents, bank cheque, all forms of bank passbooks, excise stamp, postage stamp, postcard, anti-counterfeit packaging, identification card, access control pass-card and all types of financial cards, Visa card, MasterCard, JCB, CUP, credit card, debit card, stored-value card, promotions stamp, bill of product and service etc.

With experience and expertise, the Company can provide consultation and offer the most appropriate and cost effective services to meet your business requirement, contributing your business to be the sustainable market leader.

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