Mentpack; the widest range of stick pack, sachet and VFFS packaging machines manufacturer company globally. From entry-level to advanced models create the number one company in the world having both entry-level and worldwide brands as its customer. Over 25 years of hard working and experience starting from 60 sqm with 2 technicians brought Mentpack on the table considered and compared with its global competitors today.

The vision of simplicity in design without losing any efficiency or durability made Mentpack machines more and more popular in the worldwide market.

The new era in Mentpack history has been started to become stronger with the dynamics of German engineering excellence. Flexibility and fast Turkish manufacturing technology are now meeting with the excellence of German manufacturing system.

think “simple”

A philosophy behind it…

It is rather challenging to simplify complexity. But that’s always the goal we want to achieve.

We believe the real value is not to make things complicated in the new world today. Time is flying and we need to catch as many things as possible every single day.

So, Mentpack decided to apply simplicity with intelligence to all its machines and to create a new philosophy then follow it which is designing all the complexities with a focus of simplifying in our machines.

We work with our customers to ensure they choose equipment that suits production needs.

We do not hesitate to design it differently to make the running simple.

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