SULO Emballagen Gmbh

SULO Emballagen Gmbh

SULO Emballagen develops, produces and sells high quality sheet steel packaging solutions for the chemical industry. SULO Emballagen safely transports and stores hazardous goods, food and mineral oils. SULO Emballagen has two manufacturing locations: Herford in East Westphalia (head office) and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. In 2010, the production environment in Herford was completely modernised. SULO Emballagen now has the most modern steel drum manufacturing facilities in Europe.

SULO Emballagen’s strength is in the high level of automation in its manufacturing process which contributes to its high quality standards and, in addition, allows its just-in-time manufacturing to be managed very precisely and flexibly. SULO Emballagen supplements a product portfolio developed over decades, consisting of tight head steel drums, composite drums and open top steel drums, with an extensive service offering. As a partner in the chemical industry, SULO consults on all issues relating to filling, handling and transport as well as compliance with legal regulations.

A range of experience and capabilities in steel drum production acquired over more than 80 years ensures that SULO Emballagen is valued as a constant dialogue partner for metal packaging.

SULO Emballagen is a member of the metal packaging association (Verband der Metallverpackungen e. V.)

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