Merrill's Packaging

Merrill's Packaging

A well designed medical device package is a competitive advantage. But getting to “great” is hard work and it requires that the packaging company and the customer be in lockstep. That’s why we start by asking a plethora of probing questions. With a clear picture of your product and your goals, we create a custom solution that fits your special needs.

Medical & Biotech

Having worked with medical and biotech companies for decades, we are well acquainted with stringent FDA and customer requirements and have a proven track record of producing top quality, 100% particulate-free thermoformed trays for Medical and Biotech on time and on budget. They’re also easy for your customers to open, store, and handle and are widely known to have the best edges in the business.

Our packaging is formed in a class 100,000 clean room environment supported by an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. We provide material certification, lot traceability and SPC documentation.


When you hire Merrill’s, you get a level of experience that is unique. We were there in the infant days of thermoforming and, through our own innovations, have even helped it grow up through the years. We know the design and production process backwards and forwards and have jumped through every hoop imaginable to help our customers get their products to market on time and on budget.

We have a unique approach, developed over five decades of creating packaging, that all starts with asking you a bunch of questions. That way we’re 100% sure that we cover all the bases.

Consumer Products

Between industry trends, consumer demands, and governmental regulations, the consumer packaging business is in constant motion.  At Merrill’s, we can turn on a dime and alter a thermoformed package.   We can create new designs or reverse engineer old designs and find cost reductions through innovation.  No matter the circumstances, our experienced teams have the know-how to help bring your product to market on time and on budget.

From design prototype to production. From food to beverages to electronics.  From small runs to massive volume. We do it all.



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