Mohawk is investing in the future. With a proud history of growth going back four generations, we have built a culture of innovation that has prepared us to thrive in an industry undergoing dramatic change. Today, we are well positioned to continue our expansion into businesses and markets beyond paper manufacturing, so we can seize new opportunities to grow, evolve, and lead.

Leadership, innovation, and forward thinking are visible in everything we do at Mohawk. Taking a bold stance on the environment, Mohawk became the first U.S. paper mill to match 100% of its electricity with renewable wind power and the first U.S. premium paper mill to shift toward carbon neutral production. From our work with Yale University in the 1940s to perfect Mohawk Superfine to collaborating recently with leading equipment manufacturers to forge new techniques in digital printing, Mohawk is pushing the boundaries of our industry.

Today we’re thinking ahead by expanding into new areas such as online communities for people in the design, paper, and printing business. We see that in the future of paper, information and digital technology will play an ever more important role.

As a manufacturer, we have always embraced technology to lead the way forward. To improve every aspect of our business, we’re now using information technology to pursue operational excellence throughout the company. Significant investment in process analysis, ordering, and warehousing makes it easier for our customers to do business with us and ensures they get the best products in the shortest time.

These are some of the ways that Mohawk is building a sustainable business that serves the needs of all our constituents – employees, business partners, and customers. We know that people choose our products because of their quality, but they choose our company because of what we stand for.

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