Innventia is a research and development company that works with innovations based on forest raw materials. With decades of research and development experience, we can help your company to find the right solution in order to develop resource-efficient processes and products using renewable raw materials.

One of the foundations of our operations is the concept of the biorefinery, which involves using every component of forest raw materials and converting them into valuable products. Based on this concept, we can develop brand new biomaterials or use the various components to improve your current products, such as paper or board.

From molecule to in-store product

Over the years, we have built up knowledge throughout the entire value chain. This means that we can help you with anything from evaluating raw material properties at molecular level, right through to the end-product on the shop shelf and how it is perceived by customers. This might involve an energy-saving papermaking process, a new bio-based chemical, a bio-composite or packaging made from a mechano-active fibre material that reacts to heat?

We convert research findings into commercial value for you and your customers. We call this approach boosting business with science.

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