CapTag Solutions Ltd

CapTag Solutions Ltd

‘Standard’ CapTag® labels provide a unique digital identity for every separate labelled item which is intrinsically secure and enabling complete ‘through the supply chain’ automated tracking, accuracy and control
– for brands ….. as well as manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers &  retailers:

  • any CapTag® label can be used overtly in a ‘tax-stamp’ type configuration or covertly under any current bottle branding
  • and they are labels … so easily applied

CapTag® labels Business Value for Brands is in the following areas:

Brand Protection

– Complete ‘through the supply chain’ automated tracking, accuracy and control

– Tamper evident options – for brand and consumer confidence in the product

Consumer Engagement

– Smartphone readable smart NFC version additionally  connects consumers directly to the ‘Digital Space’ generating interactive consumer communication & engagement

    …. building brand loyalty


– Energy Harvesting options – for powering interactive displays ‘over the air’

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