Emsys IT

Emsys IT

Emsys® Paper Scanning Solution® is a dedicated scanning system for the printing, the packaging, the paper logistics and the paper producing company.

PSS® handheld and integrated scanner technology reads ALL barcodes from all the paper producers world wide for the identification of paper reels and paper pallets. So no relabelling is required!

PSS® is probably the most installed system in the world, scanning more than 10 million tons of paper a year at large and medium sized companies handling paper. PSS® is linked to most MIS systems in the world and is running now in more than 12 countries.

The system is multilingual and developed with the newest technologies on a Linux platform.

PSS® not only offers the standard modules following the movements of the paper such as:

  • Receiving paper
  • The location of the paper in the warehouse
  • The consumption of the paper for a certain job
  • The registration of the paper damages
  • The registration of the rest reels

It also is continuously growing with new functionalities based on the requirements of our customers and brings extra functionalities such as:

  • an inventory module
  • tracing back the origin of the paper and the optimalisation of the paper quality.
  • managing customer furnished paper
  • tracing the paper cutting activity
  • pre-picking and virtual pre-picking of paper
  • managing FSC paper
  • tracing paper in external warehouses
  • receiving inks and plates
  • receiving inserts, spare parts or "gimmicks"
  • tracing semi finished products
  • tracing finished products
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