Daytona Flexible Packaging

Daytona Flexible Packaging

Why Beverage Pouches?• A Unique Branding Statement allowing unlimited shapes and printing possibilities • Reduction in material thus lower costs • Part of a SUSTAINABILITY Strategy • A wide variety of drinking fitment designs, caps and colors available.

The Beverage Industry Market Research Study 2010 Commissioned by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute has determined: “Pouch containers hold the most opportunity for rapid growth as new manufacturing technologies place cost and speed of pouch beverage production in line with high speed glass bottle production. Compared to glass, pouches are very space efficient and offer significant savings in transportation and storage. Environmentally, pouches use far less landfill space than plastic (bottles). Some pouches are 100% biodegradable.”

Why your company should partner with Daytona Flexible Packaging

• We have developed a Systems Approach to supplying you with the Most Competitive liquid and food filled pouches in the marketplace

• We become a seamless extension of your company

• We develop into your packaging project manager

• Our new 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility

• Our sister organization is a custom “design and build” machinery company allowing us the capability to fill your One-Of-A-Kind Design

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