True Pedigree

True Pedigree

 True Pedigree is a data driven technology company that understands the challenges of supply chain integrity, with deep knowledge in high-tech, automotive, consumer electronics, lifestyle accessories and pharma sectors

• Consultants who can help retrofit companies' data and processes into development of a viable and valuable technology solution to address their counterfeiting and gray market challenges, and brand protection needs

• A multi-dimensional team of brand protection, product security and anti-counterfeit experts, set out to help companies protect their brands and bottom line

Our data driven solutions are designed to increase your profit and reduce margin loss by leveraging your existing data to identify, quantify and prevent losses from counterfeits, gray market diversion and other attacks on your supply chain. Our diversely experienced team will customize your solution based upon your current and future threats.

GenuScan:  Authenticate and Track & Trace your products anytime, anywhere. A quick scan with GenuScan provides an instant determination of the authenticity of your product. GenuScan is a customized platform that leverages your private supply chain data to truly authenticate your product, rather than other easily defeated and incomplete anti-counterfeit solutions. It has the ability to track and trace your genuine products and store the relevant data. GenuScan is front end technology agnostic in that it works with any anti-counterfeit label / product label / RFID tag / NFC tag etc.

Gray Hunter: Real-time analysis of gray market diversion and margin loss. Gray Hunter seamlessly integrates our technology with your data to give you real time visibility to product diversions. By analyzing the detailed breakdown of diversion by product, country, end customer and reseller, Gray Hunter provides truly actionable intelligence. The customizable Gray Hunter Dashboard aggregates your data and provides Key Performance Indicators for program management.

TPAudit: Automated channel partner audits using your existing data. Partner audits are an effective channel compliance tool. Until now, the audit process has typically involved significant manual effort and was quite expensive. TPAudit automates the audit process by using technology to analyze large amounts of data from you and your channel partner, so you'll quickly see anomalies and trends.

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