Tubes at the highest level
Packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dental industries must satisfy the most stringent of requirements in terms of hygiene and safety as well as aesthetics plus ease of use. Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 - 300 ml capacities with production sites in Switzerland and Hungary.

Our five EcoDesign pillars:

 Recycling Friendly​
 Recycled Content
 Renewable Resources
 Reduced Material
 Product Safety

We provide tube packaging ready for recycling; body, shoulder and caps are made of a single material family, with or without high barrier.
Our RECYCLED tubes contain up to 70% of recycled material, with up to 64% PCR proportion.

Our bioplastic solutions offer a much lower carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic tubes.

The less material used for a tube, the less the environmental impact measured in terms of carbon footprint.

Composite materials with hard and soft barriers offer incomparable protection of beauty, pharma or toothpaste formulas.

Neopac Introduces "Eco-Stripped" Tube with 30% Less Plastics, Including Slimmed-Down Shoulder & Cap
Concept extends company's materials-reduction mindset to cap and shoulder, saving customers carbon footprint, EPR fees & shipping costs without sacrificing product protection, haptics or esthetics.

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