We are working ...
to invent, develop, manufacture, market and consistently supply world class high value-added plastic closures and dispensers, preferably with our own proprietory technology.

We must always remember that our closures enhance our customers' products, thereby encouraging end-users to demand the product. Our customers should not encounter technical or economic problems when integrating our closures with their products. Constant cost reduction and benchmarking combined with excellence of design will make us successful.

We have to operate at the highest level of effectiveness and excellence. We have to evaluate our product with the criteria of our customer as well as those of the end-user.

Our contribution to our customers' production process must ensure that our economic objective of being both profitable and financially healthy is achieved.

In addition, we must retain and—where profitable—enhance our global presence by affiliations, joint ventures and strategic alliances. This will ensure that we give our customers a first-class global service and benefit from our technical expertise and developments.

As we operate in many different countries, we must respect the culture and mentality of our employees in these countries. Mutual respect between all BERICAP employees of whatever nation and transfer of know-how is the base of our success. We believe people are the most important assets of our company. We must develop our employees to be motivated towards working together as a team to meet the objectives of our MISSION.

BERICAP is decentralized as much as possible and relies on entrepreneurial, professional and loyal General Managers.

We fulfill our mission as a privately owned group. We must therefore maintain financial structures in all companies to ensure our financial independence in all situations.

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