DigiPlan TEC Inc.

DigiPlan TEC Inc.

DigiPlan TEC Inc. is a private consulting firm specialized in the development of marketing strategies for :

* network and communications technology, such as voice over IP and Multimedia Networks;
* intelligent transportation and automotive electronics systems;
* including supporting technologies like software, MEMS, microelectronics and photonics.

The founder of DigiPlan, Gilles Gagnon, has experience in strategic planning for small and large high-tech companies. His work includes the development of several business plans, marketing plans and pro-forma (P&L), interacting at all levels of industry, government and financial institutions.

DigiPlan has developed a world-wide network of professionals and works with clients to bring creative solutions to raising capital, the creation of business partnerships and the development and implementation of marketing strategies.
This network was built over Mr. Gagnon's twenty five years of experience and includes professionals from disciplines such as finance, marketing and public relations.

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