Noel Mitchell

Noel Mitchell is CEO of independent consultancy , “labels. films. & pack solutions”  and is passionate about labels and the environment !
After 50 years in industry I am just as enthusiastic and passionate as the day I started !  Maybe even more so !
After beginning in pigments for printing inks , paints and plastics , then later changing to adhesives and in particular pressure-sensitive adhesives , I then moved to what moved to what seemed logical at the time and that was to pressure-sensitive labelstock. Having always been fascinated by polymeric films I then spent my last years of full-time employment developing mono-axially oriented polyolefin films for use in shrink-sleeves and label films.
Although no longer in full-time employment , I am still fascinated and enthused by our ever changing and constantly developing label and product decoration industry.
I am equally passionate about how labels and decoration technology can assist in protecting the environment by enabling optimum recycling of plastic and glass containers .
Therefore , I enjoy to carry out some consulting projects in the areas of labels , adhesives , films and packaging which I feel passionate about!

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