British Converting Solutions

British Converting Solutions

For more than 30 years, BCS machines have been in use around the world. 

In that time, some 2,000 BCS machines have been built, many of which are still operating today. Our Customers include box or carton plants and end users who use BCS machines to make their own boxes in house.

The British Converting Solutions factory is centrally located in Houghton Regis, England with quick connections to major UK airports and London. Here, we build all of our machines and ship them to our growing number of Customers throughout the world.

BCS machines incorporate the very latest in technology making them not only very quick to set up to make different sizes and styles of boxes or cartons but they are also the most energy efficient machines available.

We invest in continuous R&D to improve the operating efficiency of our machines to ensure that our Customers have equipment that will enhance their business and help them to increase their profits! We understand how important our machines can become to the success of our Customers so we ensure that we continue to provide spare parts and after sales service support for our machines, regardless of their age.

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