Engeenuity, llc.

Engeenuity, llc.

Photonics applied to Food and Water for Shelf Life extension.

Engeenuity is a privately held company focused on the development of cost effective, versatile and broad application photonics technologies. Our mission is to leverage the power of light to create natural solutions to everyday problems.

The core development over the past decade has focused on photonics based antimicrobial applications via microbiostatis in which the growth of microorganisms and pathogens is inhibited.
Engeenuity used its Advanced Physics System Engineering (APSE™) process, a technology that affects processes in the complex structure of biological systems.

Our technology is non ionizing and is completely reliant on photonic sources that exist around us – electromagnetic energy created by natural light and any common light sources.
Now available for commercial applications, we are happy to share the wide scope of the new possibilities that can be achieved with this technology.

Innovation inspired by nature. Nature providing solutions.

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