Matthews Australasia Pty Ltd

Matthews Australasia Pty Ltd

Like the chameleon, Matthews has a strong reputation for our ability to tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you need RFID or barcodes, inkjet or labelling, we offer a multi-product range so you get the best solution for your environment. Our ability to adapt to, and seamlessly blend with, your particular environment is unparalleled in the coding and marking industry.

We are Australian leaders in intelligent product identification, inspection and software traceability solutions.
With decades of experience, we understand the challenges that face our customers in driving efficiency, accuracy and cost-effective processes in their supply chain.

Our award winning solutions integrate seamlessly - maximising reliability and cost savings, whilst minimising down-time. We provide installation, maintenance and unrivalled support to manufacturing businesses, from a range of industries, Australia-wide.

Matthews' experienced team will help you select the right hardware and software to best support your manufacturing requirements. Ensure your products reach your customers efficiently and safely, speak to us today.

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