HAVI Global Solutions

HAVI Global Solutions

HAVI Global Solutions has great interest in active and intelligent packaging solutions.  We continue to examine numerous technologies in the areas of printed electronics, mobile interaction, brand security, food safety, and supply chain management.


At HAVI Global Solutions we are different because we partner with technology providers and strive to activate their technology across our far reaching network of industry contacts and our expansive value chain.  We can address customer requirements, without the business limitations of capital infrastructure or material preferences because of the economies of scale we have developed across our network.

We leverage our consulting practice to identify emerging trends, business drivers, and technology intersections.  We can provide a visionary look at future business opportunities.  We use this insight in conjunction with our understanding of customer and supply partner business drivers to develop an actionable/profitable approach to bringing your technology to market.
We are focused innovators, our Innovation process scrutinizes opportunities that arise from the market demands.  We stringently vet opportunities and seek the precise technology partners that can assist with providing “holistic solutions” for those demands.
The commercialization process is a partnership leveraging, best practices, operational expertise, and our global resource network to accelerate technologies and solutions to the market.
Innovation means a lot more than “Inventing or Introducing” something.  Innovation is part of our DNA, its finding strategic solutions that will advance how our customers do business. It’s looking beyond the norm and finding the solutions that will “leap-frog” the status quo of today’s business.


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