Advanced Research Cryptography Ltd

Advanced Research Cryptography Ltd

Interactive protective marking for Food and Beverage. We provide traceability through the supply chain and bind the packaging to the contents and to the consumer through a Chain of Custody.

Advanced Research Cryptography Ltd (ARC-NET NI) has designed a unique protective marking scheme to support product and brand protection.

Together with our partners, ARC NET NI is working to secure the root of the supply chain and provide an authentication and validation service for brands and products across the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Supporting innovation within our sector is key to driving efficiency and our partners, Asystec, Analytic Engines and Rumble Lads are helping ARC NET NI to create a paradigm shift in Supply Chain security using cryptography, advanced analytics and Big Data. 

We are customer and consumer driven and have a shared vision for a collaborative future, which enables us to adopt quickly and support, market demands and trends. Our team of industry experts provides guidance and advice to help organizations and brand owners achieve efficiencies whilst ensuring brand and product integrity.

ARC NET NI and our partners are investing in building a competency centre in Northern Ireland to support the drive in Supply Chain security and integrity. Our team is working closely with Queens University and industry leaders to develop a Federation Authority for the Agri and red meat food sector. We believe Northern Ireland has some of the richest knowledge pools in Europe and holds the capability to drive innovation across the globe.

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