Speech Code Produktsicherheits GmbH

Speech Code Produktsicherheits GmbH

The Speech Code technology enables the easy and cost-effective production of “talking labels”:

Speech Codes are 2D coloured data matrix codes containing speech information. Users scan the codes OFFLINE with the free App “Speech Code”. The content is shown on the display, read out at the same time and automatically stored in the App.

Printed “Information Codes” for continuous text contain up to 40 MINUTES of speech output in over 40 languages.

“Speech Tags” are NFC tags containing speech information of up to 30 MINUTES of speech output.

The printed “Product Safety Code” is especially suitable for packaging:   

  • Printable in 4 colours in size 2x2cm (also on bent surfaces)
  • Contains all product data in parameterised format (up to 420.000 parameters possible)
  • Almost unlimited serialisation possible (more than with BAR code)
  • Multiple languages in one code (text and speech output automatically matching smartphone language)
  • SDK/API for automated printing processes
  • No post consumer issues
  • No regulatory issues
  • Offline scan requires neither network nor energy
  • Validated Universal Design for compliance with UN/EU accessibility legislation
  • Individual allergene warnings
  • Annual license fee for feasible costs per unit
  • Ready for market

“Talking labels” - as additional medium to print - significantly improve the comfort of information access for all customers/consumers, including:

  • Generation 65+ (25 % in EU in 2020)
  • Functional illiterates (20 % in EU)
  • People with language deficits (10 % in EU)
  • Blind and visually impaired people (3 % in EU)
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