OLED Technologies & Solutions

OLED Technologies & Solutions

OTS is a Netherlands company with close ties to Universal Display Technologies Ltd. (UDT) which is based in China. OTS was originally a division of Philips. Later it became a part of the OTB Group and recently it was spun-off in connection with the sale of the PCAP-20 to UDT. OTS continues with its core mission to develop leading edge technologies in the field of OLED display manufacturing and processing equipment. OTS has a long and cherished history and accomplishments, a few include

-First company to put an OLED display into a commercial product - the Philips electric shaver for men and ladies

-First company to deliver a fully automated in-line manufacturing system for processing OLED displays - PCAP20

-First company to offer a thin film and ink-jet print technology for processing commercial OLED displays

-First company to dissolve sm-OLED materials in a solution and ink-jet print them on an OLED display

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